Toppers, Rings
& Lenses

Over 100 Pumptop Designs In Fun Nostalgic Colors. Create your Own Look & Designs or Choose from our Original Artwork on Disk, Hardware Designs, Gasoline Designs or Gourmet Flavor Designs.


with every 

Magic Gourmet Gumballs 
Limited offer



...for your Store or Location
Have a great Location? We or one of our Distributors will place a Machine in your Location FREE... We will refill, service and give you a large portion of the cash collected. 

Profit eighty-eight cents on each dollar

Locks, Keys 
& More

Coin Mechanisms, Face Plates, Money Doors, Gumball Hoppers, Candy Hoppers, Candy Trays, Gumball Doors, Pumptop Rings, Blank Pumptop Lenses and Polycarbonate Lexan Unbreakable Globes



As we celebrate our 15th anniversary at Magic Gumball, we not only have a variety of new and refurbished gumball machines, refills and parts, but we are the manufacturer. We offer customer support, trade ins and we will help you jump-start your 100% cash flow business. 

Magic Gum Ball has Plain-Jane vending to interactive machines from 3 to 6 foot for home or business. You can even customize your machine with sound, music, lights, wheels and themes to match your products or location. 

Our Mission - To Spread Fun and Joy to everyone everywhere.

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